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Slide Gates of the Highest Quality

Stainless steel has been proven to be the material of choice for use in drinking water or sewage applications. Stainless offers great corrosion resistance and combined with the exclusive UHMWPE self adjusting seals the Fontaine-Aquanox water control gate is without a doubt, the longest lasting fabricated slide gate in the market. Using an Innovative and a proven design by an experienced team of experts is what makes Fontaine the most recognized brand of slide gates in North America.

Learn about our Standard products - Series S and Series N, which provides the quickest delivery of slide gates as well as design flexibility for these high quality fabricated gates.

In most municipal water and wastewater applications, stainless steel grades 304L and 316L will be an excellent choice of material to use for fabrication. These grades will provide very good durability and service life in these conditions. However, there are some cases where very aggressive conditions might be encountered. In such instances, Fontaine-Aquanox can provide much more corrosive resistent grades of stainless steel, such as Duplex 2205 or Super Duplex 2507. Our 2507 gates are also available with certification to the NSF 61 standard for use in drinking water.

Series S config S11-P Standardized Open Frame Slide Gates
Serie : S
Configuration : S11-P
Serie n config s22 f Standardized Square Nut Operated Slide Gates
Serie : S
Configuration : S22-F
Serie s config s22 p Standardized Non-Rising Stem Slide Gates
Serie : S
Configuration : S22-P
Serie 20 Slide Gates for Submerged Apertures
Serie : 20
Configuration : Numerous
Serie 25 Open-Channel Gates
Serie : 25
Configuration : Numerous
Serie 40 Downward Opening Weir Gates
Serie : 40
Configuration : Numerous
Serie n config ncw Standardized Wall Mounted Flap Gates
Serie : N
Configuration : NCW
Serie n config ncwx Standardized Wide Flange Flap Gates
Serie : N
Configuration : NCWX
Serie n config nrnx Standardized Flap Gates for Round Manholes
Serie : N
Configuration : NRMX
Serie 60 Circular Flap Gates
Serie : 60
Configuration : Numerous
Serie 61 Inlet Flap Gates
Serie : 61
Serie 92 Stop Gates
Serie : 92
Configuration : Numerous
Serie 95 Stop Logs
Serie : 95
Configuration : Numerous
Serie 23 Bulkhead Gates
Serie : 23