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Bulkhead Gates


Fontaine-Aquanox SERIES 23 Bulkhead Gates are removable barriers often used to isolate larger channels during equipment maintenence or bypass purposes. They are generally installed and removed with owner-supplied lifting equipment or crane. They are also sometimes referred to as Stop Shutters or Stop Gates.

Serie 23


SERIES 23 Bulkheads are designed to control and/or isolate water flows in larger channels. They are very versatile, as they are designed specifically per the requirements of each appplication. With their customizable sealing system, they can also be used in submerged application with a top seal, also as an option, they can be supplied with bi-directional sealing. The maximum allowable leakage rate will vary depending of the type of sealing configuration required and the head pressure conditions.

The SERIES 23 frames are always manufactured from high quality stainless steel. The preferred material for the slide is also stainless steel, for its higher strength in these heavier duty applications. The Fontaine-Aquanox design allows great mounting flexibility. For example, these bulkhead gates could be designed as stackable sections, just as stop logs, to limit the weight and for easier manipulation.

The frame/guide is generally designed for installation in an existing channel or embedded into the walls of a new channel. It is also available for installation on a concrete wall at the end of a channel or in front of submerged opening or conduit. The bottom section is available in a flush-bottom version (embedded or wall mounted) or surface mounted when installed in an existing structure.

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