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Standardized Wall Mounted Flap Gates


SERIES N Flap Gates have the exact same design as the Series 60 circular flap gates. Standardized flap gates of the most common sizes (ranging from 8in. to 24in. or 200mm to 600mm) are kept in stock (316/316L stainless steel) and ready for delivery when needed. The NCW configuration is made for anchoring on the face a a flat wall, in front of a circular opening and they are very easy to install with the use of the thick wall gasket and standardized components

Serie n config ncw


SERIES N flap gate is the simplest way to prevent flow from returning back into pipes or openings. The gate design is such that whatever the size, a small flow will open the gate in negative pressure but it will remain watertight under positive pressure.

The hinges of these flap gates use a self-lubricating UHMWPE bushing to prevent metal-to-metal contact, thereby reducing friction and easing the operation. Even if the flap gate is not used for a long period of time, there is no risk that the hinges will rust or seize.

A resilient lip seal is used to achieve low leakage between the frame and flap. All SERIES N Flap Gates are made with high quality 316L grade stainless steel, ensuring the best corrosion resistance for a long life in the toughest environments with virtually no maintenance required.

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Serie N
Standardized Wall Mounted Flap Gates