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Stop Logs


The Fontaine-Aquanox SERIES 95 stop logs are individual barriers ("Logs") that are stacked to block an open-channel up to the desired height. Their name comes from the fact that historically, pieces of lumber, wooden logs, were used to serve that purpose. Nowadays, these are fabricated with stainless steel or aluminum, and fitted with seals. They are generally installed and removed with owner-supplied lifting equipment.

Serie 95


The Fontaine-Aquanox SERIES 95 stop logs are designed to isolate water flows and/or water level control in channels. The maximum allowable leakage rate is 0.1 U.S. gpm per foot of perimeter (1.25 l/min per meter) in seating and unseating head conditions (head conditions taken as the height of the slide). Logs typically seal in one direction only, and can be reversed to seal in the opposite direction. As an option, the logs can also be design to seal in both directions (bi-directional sealing) without manipulation.

The SERIES 95 stop log frames are manufactured from stainless steel. The logs are offered in two versions: stainless steel or aluminium. The Fontaine-Aquanox design allows great mounting flexibility, the result being a light weight and easy-to-install stop logs. They are generally supplied with a lifting device to facilitate inserion of the logs to the crane or chainblock and subsequently into the frame, without having to send personnel to the lower levels.

The SERIES 95 stainless steel frame is generally designed for installation in an existing channel or embedded into the walls of a new channel. It is also available in flange back design for installation on a concrete wall at the end of a channel. The bottom section is available in a flush-bottom version (embedded or wall mounted) or surface mounted when installed in an existing channel.

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