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Open-Channel Gates


The Fontaine-Aquanox SERIES 25 gate is a three side sealing water control gate entirely fabricated from stainless steel, designed to control water flows in open channels.

Serie 25


Useful both in wastewater and potable water, SERIES 25 channel gates have the same basic design as the Series 20 with the exception that it is not equipped with a top seal. The maximum allowable leakage is 0.04 US GPM per foot (0.5 l/min per meter) of perimeter in seating and unseating head conditions (head conditions taken is equal to the height of the slide).

Because of its Stainless Steel construction, the SERIES 25 has a very good corrosion and erosion resistance and can be operated many years with minimum maintenance.The fabricated Stainless Steel construction allows a very large design flexibility, the result beeing a lighter weight and easier-to-install channel gate.

The stainless steel frame on the SERIES 25 is most often used as embedded into the walls of a new channel (Fig. 25-01. It is also offered in flange back type for installation (fig. 25-02) on a concrete wall at the end of a channel or for installation (fig. 25-03) in an existing channel. The frame can be either open (no yoke) or selfcontained configurations, providing a solid one piece gate. In the case of an open frame with operator, an operating floor located over the channel to support the pedestal is necessary.

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