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Standardized Open Frame Slide Gates


Series S Slide Gates have the exact same design as the Series 20. Standardized square gates are kept in stock (316/316L stainless steel) in nominal sizes ranging from 8in to 48in (200mm to 1,200mm) and ready for delivery on demand.

This configuration is an Open Frame Gate with a rising stem design and pedestal mounted actuator.

This is the most common configuration encountered when above ground (pedestal on floor) installation of the operating mechanism is achievable.

Operating forces of the gate are transmitted to the structure (floor). Pedestal mounting brackets are available for open top situations where a floor slab is not available.

The rising stem configuration allows personnel to see the position of the gate at all times. The rising stem is protected by a clear, graduated PVC tube that is easily removable for periodic stem greasing.

No wearing part of the operating system finds itself submerged, keeping them away from aggressive media. Maintenance is therefore minimal and completely performed from the operating floor, eliminating the need for personnel exposure to dangerous confined spaces.

Series S config S11-P


These gates will provide long lasting performance in submerged applications, whether in water or wastewater. The strength of the design, combined with the flanged back frame and innovative sealing system will provide unsurpassed leakage performance. These gates provide sealing on both sides, as well as top and bottom, with pressure coming from either the seating or unseating direction.

All gates are made with high quality materials, such as 316/316L or 304/304L grade stainless steel and virgin UHMWPE, ensuring the best corrosion resistance for a long life in the toughest environments with virtually no maintenance required.

These wall mounted gates have been designed for contractors and are easy to install with the use of the thick wall gasket and standardized components. Self adjusting seals do not require any field adjustment.

Guaranteed maximum leakage rate: 0.04 gpm/ft of sealing perimeter (only 40% of the maximum allowed by AWWA C561-14). Lab tests have shown that the sealing performance was maintained even after 25,000 complete operating cycles. The gates never need to be exercised and will remain easily operable even after very long periods of inactivity.

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Serie S
Standardized Open Frame Slide Gates